Lightweight Wool Sleeping Bag

This is the first lightweight wool sleeping bag EVER to enter the outdoor market. This bag is as soft as silk and only slightly heavier than a synthetic filled bag of comparable temp rating. But what wool can do that nothing else can…is provide the highest SLEEP QUALITY and COMFORT of any other outdoor material. This bag is light enough to take on the trail.

  • moisture wicking
  • keeps you warm even when wet
  • breatheable
  • eco friendly
  • comfortable
  • increases quality of sleep
  • versatile expandable contractable
  • works at home on a bed


  • weighs more than down or synthetic fill
  • high end price tag ($525 medium size)
  • not as durable as synthetic fabrics
  • learning curve to get used to new closure system
  • 2-4 week wait time (custom orders)

To order and for more details visit Lucky Sheep™ Sleeping Bags at

Wool has lost its place in the outdoor industry due to the myth that synthetics can take its place. However, although synthetics (plastic) are lighter, they compromise the quality of sleep.

But  know this was the biggest NO NO in the outdoor culture. I was about to violate some taboos: “Thou shalt NOT use wool for sleeping bags.” It was a sacrilege. TOO HEAVY! was the mantra. Well…I did it anyway.

I was on a quest to find something that would work. For one, synthetics are philosophically a contradiction….we go in nature and wrap ourselves in plastic. But the main thing was, the quality of sleep that wool provides is unparelleled. It is like the BAREFOOT version of sleeping.

So after playing around with materials and prototypes testing them for hundreds of nights  sleeping under the sky in all conditions I finally came up with a version which is small and light enough to take backpacking.

Well I thought about it and with some special tweaks of materials and design, and searching the planet for the very hard to find ingredients, I came up with a bag that is comparable in weight to a synthetic fill bag of the same temperature rating.

I even moved into a tipi to test the wool sleeping bag all year around.

I was trying to figure out how to have a natural sleep away from synthetics in nature, especially backpacking. I wanted to make nature my home and not a mere ‘camping’ experience. That meant bringing the most comfortable things that didn’t compromise quality of life.

This new wool sleeping bag has a 2.5 inch loft, weighs approx. 4.5 pounds and goes down to about 20-30 degrees F. This bag also has other features–it is expandable and contractable–allowing it to excel in a wide range of temperatures.

In other words, this sleeping bag brings the comfort of the best bedding on the planet in a light enough package to carry on the trail.

I have tested it up against synthetic bags with the same rating and found I felt warmer but also another quality, I don’t sweat and feel like I’m in a plastic bag. Even with down bags, the outer fabric is synthetic, so you don’t get the breathability benefits of natural materials.

What is the essential GEAR in outdoor GEAR–it is the BODY. When we consider SLEEP QUALITY, wool is king. The fact you also feel comfortable is just an added bonus.

Now it will weigh somewhat more than space technology fabric––so it depends on your goals what is the best choice. Does that extra beauty sleep provide you with more stamina to make up for the extra weight? Or are you out there to savor every breath of fresh air and that amazing feeling of having the best sleep in your life?

Or do you just want another option for the times you are aren’t carrying your bag on your back such as base camp? This bag is literally so comfortable you will want to use it at home as well and turn off the heat and open the windows. The foot box can be unzipped to make the bag completely flat, turning it into a Throw. But don’t let that fool you. This bag excels on the trail as well.

I slept in prototypes leading up to this design over many miles of trails and even living in a tipi in winter to test until I was satisfied with the design. There were countless nights and mornings of dense fog, dew, and mist that are standard in the Great Smokey Mountains where I live. I prefer to sleep without a tent under the open sky, which leaves me susceptible to this moisture. However, with this bag, nothing phased me. There is an unusual feeling of waking up dry even in a dense fog cloud.


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