IMG_0296I plow a line through my consciousness

The four horses feisty, hesitant rebellious, inconsistent

The new dirt turns over

freed from compaction

air and light come in

rocks and roots come out

Now the soil is ready

A new opportunity can sprout

where the old was buried

I hold the reins steady

I steer the course

Determined to make it aligned

Not get distracted by some

frivolous fantasy

Or dwell on the past or future

The blade wants to turn that way or that

The dirt is hard/compacted

The wrong mix of nutrients

All kinds of obstacles/resistance/fears/doubts

I will nurture it, tend it,

let the sun and rain in

bring it to life

This is my potential future

For the seeds to grow

The conditions should be right

My will power, focus, perseverance,

balanced judgement

ability to discern up from down, auspicious from inauspicious

But above all Divine Grace

Will transmute these raw materials

cosmic dust particles

into something beautiful

like a rainbow

I will keep my hands gripped

firmly to the reins

I will call out to my horses

to stay on course

I will sing praises to the universe

I will keep my eyes on the ground in front of me

Not get swayed by the beautiful designs and illusions so infinite in nature

Nor dizzy from seeing the whole field of grass and awareness at once

The Universe is inside one grain of sand

As well as in all the stars in the night sky

But I smell the sweet fresh dirt

of new plowed ground

That is where I work and dwell

Keeping hands firmly on reins

calling out to my horses

Uprooting my flaws/shadows/unresolved conflicts

Walking the line between the past and the future

The line between guilt and acceptance

Between discerning did I do right?

am I okay?

should I be more like other people…or honor who I am?

Finding my own unique rhythm

again and again

Where is MY voice? What is MY song?

Stopping sometimes to sharpen my blade

clean the dirt off

The choice is mine to go to either side

or stay on course

with muscle and will power

Balance and grace


Plowing the line through

All the babbling voices, impulses, feelings, excitement

Dust flying, rabbits running, something is happening here

With my intent, focus and willpower

Directing the work

Aligning with harmony, order, Divine Law

Creating a new field of awareness with each moment

Fresh as morning dew

I till the garden

of my Being

© 2016 Patrick Clark

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