What is detoxing? Different Levels: cellular, tissue, energetic…

Increasing vitality/health is a constant process of replacing lesser/weaker/cells with stronger/more robust cells. Temporary fatigue and pain is a part of the process towards increasing energy and vitality.

Detoxing is always happening. Toxicity is always happening, in our current world. Just getting the body to work properly will cause it to naturally detox, that is, push things out that don’t belong there.

Is the event bringing towards: coherence, harmony, vitality, higher frequency, integrity, higher ORP value Oxygen Reduction Potential), increased metabolism, strength, structure and function of glands? This is the path but we experience temporary periods of disharmony like when you clean the house it first has to become messy. You sweep the dirt towards the center so you can get rid of it.

But you don’t want it to get stuck. Detoxing one part of the body can easily RE-tox another part. Where is it getting stuck? e.g. Phase one and Phase two liver detox.

New way of looking at auto-immune disease: “self fighting self”. No, it is really toxins that have become embedded in cells that the organism is simply getting rid of. It is not self, it is foreign. Mechanistic biology cannot see inside the cell and that the cell is related to the body, so they create fantasies like ‘self fighting self’.

Principles of Detoxing Philosophy on the Paleo Reset Protocol

These are integrated into the entire lifestyle and protocol. There isn’t anything in the Paleo Reset Protocol that doesn’t contriubute to some form of building structure/function and tearing down the old. Not a movement or minute is wasted on something that doesn’t contribute to building overall power.

1–First do no harm. Stop the toxicity. Water, VOCs in interior environments, Fumes/exhaust/ ect. outside, EMFs cell phones and electric grid. Will need bio-remediation and EM™ technology is the easist, most available. Also, do not RE-TOX by using substances that move mercury from one part of the body to another. The list of no-no’s are: cilantro, cumin, coriander, sprirulina, blue-green algae, and high sulphur foods. See www.andycutler.com for the low down on mercury detox.

2–Open up Avenures or channels of elimination: skin, lungs, sinuses, muscles, liver, bowels, urinary tract, tears, chakras/energetic/kundalini/. Healthy fats along with liver/gall bladder stimulating substances is the primary way to increase healthy mucous and replace old toxic fat with new, or to build some form of fat to store toxins so they can leave the body. Diagram of liver detoxing process.


3–Building structure can cause detoxing: That means eating foods that are good for us can make us feel sick at first. Learn to distinguish between a detox and a toxic food. Almost impossible at first. Cause and effect get completely confused when you aren’t familiar with this paradigm. The body always wants to replace lesser cells with more robust ones and if it gets the chance through a new more nutrient dense food, it can throw off toxins and we can be confused wondering why we are sick when we ate healthy.

e.g. replacing a vitamin or mineral can push out a toxin like mercury/magnesium

List of Detox Tools and Techniques

1–Inner Light Solution™ drink elixer.

2–Structured Water (mix InnerLightSolution with water and salt). Easiest way to structure water is with EM Gold Stone™. Body cannot hydrate without structured water. Also, you can structure the water that is already inside your body (You are 80% water give or take depending on how hydrated you are), but exposing yourself to EM Ceramics. This can be in the form of jewelery or the Quantum Calming Mat™.

3–Make your home a workplace a sanctuary from VOCs and EMFs. Ground your computer. Use Orgonite and Body Friendly Furniture with grounding technology built into the finish. Avoid synthetics and metal in your furniture.

4–Get your schedule to match the natural cycles of sun and seasons. Mainly, don’t use artificial lighting in evening and go to bed early. Doesn’t have to be perfect but at least go to bed by 9pm most nights and turn lights low or off an hour previous.

5–Fresh air /open windows as much as possible.

6–Sleep is awesome time to encourage detox. So easy–you just lay there and something happens.

  • Firm to hard surface
  • Inclined surface with head higher (Inclined Bed Therapy)
  • EMF Quantum Calming/ Grounding
  • Negative Ions in air: open window or use humidifyer with EMs
  • Natural Fibers for bedding and clothing
  • No metal bedframe or springs in mattress

7–Paleo Diet with proper macro and micro nutrients including fats and cultured vegies. Building blocks for structure and function. Leptin sensitivity so endocrine system gets efficient signaling.

8–Colon Hydrotherapy: Enemas vs. Colonics, Mineral Absorption, and Electrolyte Imbalance

excerpted from Gerson Therapy Physician’s Training Manual 1.3, The Gerson Institute, p.7

Enemas are given primarily to enhance detoxification in the bloodstream, and not for “rinsing out” of the (descending) colon, although this is an added benefit.  That is why we use coffee rather than water.  One of the claims that critics of the Gerson Therapy are quick to make is that enemas are dangerous, cause severe dehydration and resulting in electrolyte imbalance, and death.

To understand the concerns about dehydration one must recognize that the colon far from just being a “storage place” for wastes is also responsible for mineral absorption and fluid reabsorption.  Much of the mineral absorption takes place in the ascending and transverse colon the parts closest to the small intestine and farthest away from the rectum.  Gerson prohibited colonics because he was concerned about the loss of minerals and possible dehydration.

Colonic irrigation procedures irrigate the entire colon (ascending-transverse-descending); a typical colonic irrigation procedure can circulate as much as 5 gallons of water through the colon.  It is easy to imagine that regular use of colonics would almost eliminate absorption of minerals.  Due to the constant washing away of the liquids from which the minerals would be absorbed.  When there is a severe insufficiency of minerals, it can result in an imbalance in serum (blood) electrolytes.  Left untreated, this imbalance can cause severe side effects and will eventually lead to death.  Electrolyte imbalance is not caused solely by colonics, it can occur in otherwise healthy people (particularly babies) in the presence of severe diarrhea, or prolonged, recurrent vomiting.

By contrast, the coffee enema used on the Gerson regimen is 32 ounces, just enough to fill the descending colon, and barely, it at all, reaching into the transverse colon.  Mineral absorption is minimally affected, and, of course, the coffee solution itself contains minerals (potassium) which are absorbed along with the caffeine and palmitic acid salts. 

How to do it:


Where to get the equipment:


9–Cold thermogenesis: Just do face if nothing else. Converts R-T3 to T3. Turns WAT to BAT, stimulates and increases metabolism as measure in Basal Metabolic Rate (pulse and body temperature). Increases heat-generating capacity of body. Flushes fat which is storing toxins into bloodstream. http://www.lovingourguts.com/cold-thermogenesis-challenge-starts-today/

10–Heat therapy such as hot baths, saunas, hotpacks, hot water bottles. Can be done back-to-back with cold thermogenesis.

11–Heliotherapy. This means, sunbathing. Also sungazing is awesome at the point you are ready. Natural lighting through the windows is another lesser form of this.

12–Netti pot for nasal irrigation cleansing.

13–Cold Laser Therapy

14–Movement–defined as “loading the body” in constantly changing ways, which comes in a variety of ways we normally don’t think of as movement. Movement can release toxins: eg: Miracle Bite Tabs, Inversion Therapy, Yoga, Massage, Exercise.  Stand, Active Sitting, Stretching, lifting wieghts, mini-trampoline, Om Gym, treadmill, Lying Down while working. How to set up a movement friendly office.  www.footlooseandchairfree.com

15–Rest. Body has to build enough cellular energy to release something. Create a schedule and environment that allows you to put your rehab first or at least on a higher priority. Never know when the fatigue and detox will hit. Need to have some kind of plan in place to deal with it spontaneously. Places to lie down and recuperate. Just slowing down and taking a ‘health’ day. Sleeping long hours. The more rest the better. Rest is a tool. EcoBackrest™ is an essential tool for recovery. Can be doing something while resting. Also, use frequencies and relaxing music–see youtube.

16–Endotoxin sequestering. Use grated carrot salad recipe daily. Also charcoal and apple pectin is good as a more radical step. Superfoods like EM- Drink Elixer, Kombucha Tea, Fermented Vegies, Keiffer for re-eestablishing gut micro-flora

17–Quantum Sleep Solution™ Skin Elixer. This is Transdermal Magnesium/EM therapy. Can rub all over body or use a ‘foot patch’ by soaking cotton socks and placing on feet, followed by plastic bag and another larger sock to hold it on.

18–Coffee and asperin flush cells of thyroid inhibiting estrogen. Estrogen is the ‘universal’ toxin that is produced by a body out of balance, lacking in nutrients, as well as by exposure to toxins. ‘Phyoto-estrogens’ are see by our body as ‘estrogen’. Valerian does something similar as well, especially useful for breaking up ‘stagnant liver chi’–which may be the same as ‘increasing bile flow’. Fruit works like an ‘organic’ aspirin and is excellent if you are in a tropical climate and it grows there. But for proper circadian biology, the sugar part of fruit may be contraindicative for most people in temperate climates. 

19–Proprioception to brain. Make sure jaw is aligned and back teeth touch first. Miracle Bite Tabs are essential. Otherwise parasympathetic nervous system is dominant triggering stress response. Prolonged exposure to cortisol and adreniline ages and kills.

20–Supplemental Digestive Enzymes when used on empty stomach can be very powerful.  www.litalee.com has an encyclopedic list of articles on the subject. Can be used to move blockages in colon and to control parasites without killing beneficial gut flora.


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