1–First do no harm…or If you can’t see it or understand it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist…or Make your home and office into a SAFE ZONE.Illnesses do not come upon us out of the blue. They are developed from small daily sins against Nature. When enough sins have accumulated, illnesses will suddenly appear. ÑHIPPOCRATESOur bodies are filled with literally thousands of toxic chemicals that disrupt the normal structure and function –thus causing dis-ease. One of the worst is Flame Retardant Chemicals (PBDE’s) which leach out of furniture into house dust and we breath these in. Watch this video explaining the dangers.

The ancient healing modalities that have helped people for thousands of years like Chinese Medicine and Aurveda don’t address this new environment. These toxins exist in almost every food, water, air, toy, furniture piece, in the form of chemicals which are constantly offgassing. This is only the beginning. There are also frequencies disrupting the body’s electrical system in the form of household electrical wiring, appliances, radio and cell phone broadcasting just to name a few. The Reverse Osmosis Wellness Program™ first attempts to create a SAFE ZONE or HEALING SANCTUARY where a person can begin to heal and rest. This alone could be the best thing a person could do for their health. Only extreme cutting edge thinking such as THE NEW BIOLOGY can attempt to do something about this issue. Gone are the days of guessing or shooting in the dark. Now we have BIOCHEMISTRY, MICROBIOLOGY and BRAIN SCIENCE which are methods of measureing, quantifying and objectively evaluating whether something works or not and to what degree. For a great video illustrating that health begins with the cell, and toxins are the basic health problem threatning us all, click here.http://www.mydrhorn.org/videos/20-toxins/123-living-in-a-toxic-world

2–There are only two diseases: toxicity and deficiency. They actually go hand in hand and must be considered simultaneously. All other conditions can be classified as primarily one or usually both of these conditions.

Medical researchers have chronicled over 20,000 different diseases. They name almost every variation. They have multiple names because of the number of organs or tissue systems that exhibit symptoms. All of this is only one disease. And the disease, which we call constructive disease, is occasioned by the body itself and is known as toxemia or toxicosis.”

Therefore to address wellness at a deep level which is lasting and fundamental, we can look at how to build proficiency and decrease toxicity. For a whole lesson on this principle click here:http://www.rawfoodexplained.com/the-nature-and-purpose-of-disease/toxemia-is-the-universal-cause-of-disease.html

“Excerpt from above link

3–Structure and function are integrately related. Sometimes building structure is the best place to focus to achieve improved function.. Here are the diet guidelines for creating the building blocks of good health:

In order to build proper structure and function in the body two things have to happen over and over in incremental stages to arrive at good health–tearing down and building up. The pollutants have to leave because they are blocking enzymes and hormones from doing their job. However, many of them can’t leave until there is something to replace them with. They are stuck molecularly within the cell. The cell cannot function well because it is “sick”. Enzymes shut down that are needed to run the metabolism. More pollutants build up because the body’s channels and systems of elimination and regeneration are compromised. The building has to be rebuilt one brick at a time. Here is a comprehensive article focused on heavy metal toxicity and how this structure/function dichotomy works. This is valuable information and I beileve holds the key to getting the metals out and getting well.

Click here for info on mercury toxity and what to do about it

4–Microorganisms are a part of life. We must consider the human body is 90% microorganisms, and work with them as part of the team. The mass phobia on ‘germs’ which considers them all ‘bad’ has killed many lives and took a dramatic toll on human and planetary health. Effective Microoranisms™ are an Earth Saving Revolution.

Here is a great introductory video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FioWimCrvWE&feature=related

5–NATURAL HYGIENE – is that branch of biology that relates to the preservation and restoration of health. — “There are no cures – Nature returns to normal when enervating habits are given up.” Read more In Natural Hygiene we want to teach a simple health care solution that everyone can afford.Natural Hygiene looks at the long term processes and allows nature to take it’s course in most cases, rather than interveine with antibiotics. The best antibiotics are actually probiotics that outcompete pathogenic organisms rather than kill them. This way the body can detoxify rather than continue to accumulate toxins. Microorganims are there to clean things up, not to destroy us.Click here for a complete mini-course on the Natural Hygiene System.http://www.rawfoodexplained.com/the-nature-and-purpose-of-disease/natural-hygiene-or-life-science-care-of-the-ailing.html

6-There are over 800 man-made chemical toxins found in human blood throughout the world. These are even found in populations far from industrial centers. In order to achieve health, we must address this issue as part of our daily routine.We need safe, effective and inexpensive means of detoxifying.


You’ve got to remediate: 1) water, 2) indoor air, 3) outdoor air, food supply, and radiation. For cleaning up your water click here. Conventional water filters are one way to go but a new breed of “filters” is emerging called ‘structuired water’ .

However, filtering water the traditional way is really out of date and primitive. Now there are ways to create “structured” water without filters. This does more than remove toxins. It energizes the water which has far reaching ramifications on health and detoxification.

Click here to learn more.

Here is a fun video showing a person’s aura with chorilian photography before and after drinking structured water.

Another option is using EM™ (Effective Microorganism™) Technology. This is a revolutionary cutting edge approach to life and health and bioremediation that can be used for just about every area of life.
Click here to get started.


7–There is no quick fix, free lunch, or magic bullet. Each of us must take responsibility for our own health. There is no product or pill that will do it for us. It is an ongoing lifestyle that requires care and attention, skill and knowledge. It takes about two hours per day of food prep and cleaning, maintaining kitchen to use the Reverse Osmosis™ Method.

8–Quality Sleep is an important healing tool. The ability to sleep long with complete sleep cycles is an indication of good health and that healing is taking place. This contradicts the popular view that health is indicated by lack of needing a lot of sleep. Actually, lack of naturally sleeping long and deep can be an indication of poor health and can further diminish the bodies natural reserves or Chi. See: Getting the Sleep of Your Dreams by Optimizing Circadian Rhythms.

9–The kitchen is a laboratory. Food is one area we have control over. Food can shape our destiny in many ways. Food is the main method for changing our body chemistry or “soil”. The kitchen design needs to be restructured for this approach, with and eye toward a new system of preparing food as well as fermented, antioxidant rich beverages.

10–Death begins in the mouth. Demineralization and disease is usually first visible in the teeth and gums. A healthy body will have no tooth decay whatsoever and no need for the dentist. See:www.curetoothdecay.com

11–Human genetics has been degenerating as documented by Dr. Weston Price in the 1930s as seen in narrower jaws. This narrowing of the jaw has many detrimental effects on a person’s well being, but can be corrected with Miracle Bite Tabs and Cold Laser Therapy. The main problem with the degeneration of human genetics is a processed diet that doesn’t support thyroid health. The pro-thyroid diet is what can reverse this process. Veganism doesn’t work. Just read this:http://naturalhygienesociety.org/diet3.html

12–Teeth alignment effects Proprioceptive feedback to the brain. Dr. Fonder DDS. discovered the link between teeth alignment and how it effects the autonomic nervous system. Faulty teeth alignment overstimulates the sympathetic nervous system and puts us into a “fight of flight” response. Correcting this alignment issue is an important part of creating a relaxed and balanced autonomic nervouse system which is in a state of homeostasis.

13–Resisance is importance to good health–that is–resistance in every respect and level. We shouldn’t over-insulate ourselves from feeling the cold or the heat. We shouldn’t have our beds be so soft we can’t feel our bodies and the way gravity plays with our bodies. There is benefit in a struggle. A chick trying to hatch out of an egg needs to go through the struggle. If someone assists it it will die. Our modern technological world has numbed and deadened us from feeling on the physical, emotional, and spirit levels. Resistance builds strength, character, and immune system. We should welcome a good fight. On a molecular level, the Reams Theory of Ionization shows how even the mineral balance in the body determines our state of health and is dependent on the principle of resistance.

[Warning! The information presented here has not been evaluated by the FDA. This information is only educational in nature and should be carefully considered before attempting. Please consult your trusted health care adviser before undertaking this or any new practice that may effect your health.

This article is the 1st Amendment in action. The things you will find here are for information and research purposes only. I am sharing information.If you act on ideas found here, you do so at your own risk. Self-help requires intelligence, common sense, and the ability to take responsibility for your own actions. If you use any of this informatio you agree to hold yourself FULLY responsible FOR yourself. Do not use any ideas found here without consulting a medical professional, unless you are a researcher or health care provider.]

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