The quest for health has been for many of us frustrating, futile, and unrewarding. I will give my personal experience briefly to illustrate my point. I was weak and sick for a couple of decades. No-one knew what was wrong. I spent thousands of dollars on things like Chinese Medicine, Macrobitotics, Chiropractic Treatments, and raw vegan diets. Finally, when I found the thing that was wrong with me, all the symptoms started clearing up–immediately. Within two weeks I went from too fatigued to ride my bike three miles to work to setting a personal record for a certain mountainbike trail near my house that is almost all uphill.

My problems started when I was 17 years old. Main symptoms were mouth sores all over my mouth, and waking up with clinched jaws at night. Also I started waking up with my arms above my head. Once time my arm was completely numb and without feeling and took a couple minutes of shaking it for it to come back to life. This was the year 1981. Noone had a clue what later became very evident: mercury poisoning from dental amalgams. At that time there was the beginning of awareness of the dangers of mercury amalgams, but word hadn’t yet reached Lawrence Kansas. What followed was a misdiagnosis by a Macrobitic consultant that associated the problems with a faulty diet. This sent my health into a downward spiral for the next two decades. That diet only worsened my body’s ability to cope with the mercury which was already destroying my thyroid.

Before the internet, there were very few places to turn to find answers. I was always on the lookout for something to help, but there were very few examples or voices out there. It would have been great to have discovered Ray Peat or Weston Price. These voices were well kept secrets back then, especially for those in the Midwest. Back then, you would kind of stumble upon someone who seemed to know something. You would try it out by shelling over some money. I know myself and others who hopped from modality to modality and noone even questioned whether it worked or not. It seemed like the definition of “working” or “effective” was elusive to the point of meaningless. If you didn’t get better, you simply hadn’t gone enough times for treatment or done the diet right.

I know all these practitioners were sincere and meaning well, but when I started really getting well simply from a shift in diet that was the OPPOSITE of anything I had ever heard–a big realization hit me. Incremental to no improvements are not good enough. There is far far more potential than any of these people realize. I have not personally met someone with a chronic condition that was cured by these modalitiesor associated diets. There is a big assumption that robust health and the ability to regenerate from chronic health issues is beyond reach. The succes rate of these modalities is not clear and normally not discussed. No one admits that these modalities simply do not work. It seems they sometimes do well with symptom relief, but don’t have a clue for chronic conditions. They beat the branches and treat symptoms like Western Medicine, they don’t go for the essence or the root or have adequate explanation for the cause. They are fundamentally flawed based on paradigms that are incomplete

Who hasn’t tried at least a dozen—if not two—diets and healing modalities trying to get to the bottom of their health problems. Who hasn’t fought an uphill battle of getting a handle on allergies, immune disfunction, feeling bad, poor quality sleep, back pain, arthritis or some other chronic degenerative condition? Most of these are touted as an inevitable part of the aging process, the curse of being born. What is the secret? No really—what is the Holy Grail of health? Not some fad diet or magic pill developed solely to make someone rich who can con enough people into believing their theory. Not just another ego-centered system, unproven and with not even one example of success. Not another vague paradigm that is close enough to established dogma to sound plausible, nor some extremist fanatical system that’s so far out, it must be true if only you do it correctly

I humbly present here an approach I have developed after a lifetime of searching for the answer and finding it–the answer to finding an acceptable level of health to live a full life.

The information in this article is so counter to contemporary politically-driven medical science, both mainstream and allopathic, that I can guarantee it is going to be hard to except point blank. It took me several years of trying different parts of this protocol and reading and re-reading the science behind each part, to make each change that brought me out of the depths of illness to health and then beyond ‘the absence of disease’ to the point of robust vitality.

The trickiest thing about health is that immediate symptoms don’t always reflect what you expect. Most people interpret a ‘surge of energy’ brought on by a dietary change to mean they are going in the right direction. Sometimes this is true and sometimes its not. Rats given supplmental estrogen will run for hours, but their lifetime is shortened drastically. The feeling of extra energy cannot be used as the only guide. Intuition has an important place in the process of health, but this is a case where science is essential. The important question is, what is really happening to the cells, tissues organs and metabolism? What are the long term effects? What are the experiments to prove it? Where are examples in nature to compare the experiements to (empirical evidence)?


This is where the rubber meets the road. There are so many claims and fads out there that science is a must, otherwise it might not work, or worse, cause harm. I spent ½ my life testing a diet that didn’t work and worsened my condition. If I had only run my practice through these criteria my life would have been much different. There was no science, and there was no example of healthy people who practiced this, especially for more than a couple decades. On the contrary, to this day I see long term vegetarians who look much older than their age and have terrible health problems. Yet at that time I was blind to this fact starring me in the face the whole time. The good news is, it’s never too late to reverse the causes of ageing. Science in the past few decades has figured out what causes aging and how to turn it around. This information that could turn the entire health care system around, prevent thousands of needless deaths annually, and provide each of us a new beginning in life–is hidden in the fragmented works of reletively unknown scientists.

I want to verify my health decisions with three criteria:1) scientific experimentation, 2) empirical evidence, 3) personal experience and observation. If I try all three of these and my intuition is still telling me something else I will keep searching until I feel complete and clear.

I do not expect or want you to believe me right off. Rather, I want you to read and let the ideas sink in. If they feel right, test some of them out on your own and notice if they improve your symptoms. However, at first you will probably need to observe yourself very closely and look for incremental change, nuances that are consistant but there. Individualize your own diet and lifestyle based on these principles. Each person will fine tune to her/his situation, needs, and preferences. The Reverse Osmosis Wellness Program™

I have found a diet and healthcare system that has restored my own health after 20 years of searching in vain. Since I was 17 I started experimenting with diets and modalities all with little to no results (mostly backsliding) until I found the one I do now. I discovered what I came to call dubbed “The Reverse Osmosis System” when I was 38. I am now 50 and have enjoyed off-the-charts improved levels of health and well being–which I hadn’t experienced since childhood–ever since. The improvements were dramatic beginning the first day I started.

This blog is just an outline of voluminous reading and research I’ve done over a seven year period. Readers are welcome to read some of the references in order for the whole thing to make sense. However, most people just don’t have the time. So another approach is to dabble or jump in to the amount you feel comfortable.

I didn’t come up with this in isolation. I am merely reciting research already discovered which goes back about a century. Just a little reading of Broda Barnes, Ray Peat, Lita Lee, or Weston Price would answer most of the questions raised in my blog.

My intention is to offer a tiny contribution to humanity. Since I couldn’t find my own health based on popular reading, medical science or alternative madicine, I had to dig deep and find out why nothing was working for me and I was continuing to go downhill with my health even though I was spending hundreds of dollars on expensive health food and alternative health treatments. My experiences are also reflected by hundreds of people on internet communities and the Paleo movement which sprung up outside of my own research and social circles. I was Paleo before Paleo was a word. There are also hundreds of documented case histories, some of them are found in Lita Lee’s books. Here is some baby photos of case histories.

Beside my own I have helped turned several other people’s lives around by sharing this knowledge. It was miraculous that I found this approach which is hidden from public site.

This is a politically driven food market and health care system. Loui Pasteure was a fraud who stole and distorted Dr. Bechamp’s original discoveries. Society wanted to blame their illnesses on something and Bechamp’s explanation that the environment was the real cause of disease (that is the environment of the organism) was not what they wanted. Pasteure turned the research around and “proved” that the cause of disease was a “germ” or pathogen (exogonus). Therefore for over a century science and health care has had their blinders on while public health has eroded to it’s current pitiful state. This article might blow your mind if you have never heard of Bechamp. What an unbelievable human tragedy.

FAT and RED MEAT are four letter words in mainstream and alternative health. Yet they are the most nutritious food on the planet. Coffee is another four letter word, yet it is also extremely healing. It is actually alkalizing as far as it’s ash, but it increases stomach acidity which aids digestion. But it’s main benefits are increasing thyroid.

A picture is worth a thousand words and just take one look at the Navajo at the beginning of this article and you will get a picture of what human potential there is in superb bone and facial structure. larger forms of life
You will probably not run into a human being today who can compare to this ancient Native American.

Another statement about how bone structure relates to thyroid health: I’ve seen many photos of native men and women scantily dressed in mid winter. Many Indians didn’t have a nice parka but only a blanket (or robe) somewhat loosely wrapped around them. I have a calendar of a Crow woman scraping a buffalo hide with not much clothing (looks like a buckskin dress) and no gloves with snow surrounding the area. I sure wish I could do that. Despite all my efforts to reestablish thyroid health, I still have to baby myself when it comes to cold. And yet, in my pitiful weakness, I see most people around me shivering in a sweater when I am only wearing a t-shirt. Compared to them I look warm. And before I started this program I was shivering just like them.

I attribute the success of The Primal Diet to two things which are interdependent on each other. Overall the aim is to build proper structure and function in the body. Two things have to happen over and over in incremental stages to arrive at good health: tearing down and building up. The pollutants have to leave becuse they are blocking enzymes and hormones from doing their job. However, many of them can’t leave until there is something to replace them with. They are stuck molecularly within the cell. The cell cannot function well because it is “sick”. Enzymes shut down that are needed to run the metabolism. More pollutants build up because the body’s channels and systems of elimination and regeneration are compromised. The building has to be rebuilt one brick at a time.

Click here for info on mercury toxity and what to do about it.

[Warning! The information presented here has not been evaluated by the FDA. This information is only educational in nature and should be carefully considered before attempting. Please consult your trusted health care adviser before undertaking this or any new practice that may effect your health.

This article is the 1st Amendment in action. The things you will find here are for information and research purposes only. I am sharing information.If you act on ideas found here, you do so at your own risk. Self-help requires intelligence, common sense, and the ability to take responsibility for your own actions. If you use any of this informatio you agree to hold yourself FULLY responsible FOR yourself. Do not use an ideas found here without consulting a medical professional, unless you ara researcher or health care provider.]

It is well established how polluted our water, air and food is, and all of these chemicals show up in human’s blood around the world, even in that of remote populations. Beside’s the chemicals from manufacturing, power plants, indoor air poluution, spent nuclear waste used in Iran and Iraq, bombing which creates dust which blows around the globe and is easy to measure in soil, air and water, we now have perhaps the most dangerous threat, chemtrails. Click here for a documentary on what is happening to our skies.

Okay, enough of what’s wrong. The good news is, there are some things that can be done on an individual basis to protect and counter the effects of world pollution.

Here’s an example of how this system works:

Minerals oppose each other. For instance Mercury pushes out magnesium in a cell. Magnesium in turn activates hundreds of enzymes responsible for performing the tasks of running the immune system. If magnesium is pushed into the body in high enough levels, that alone will help to dislodge mercury that has been stuck in those receptor sites.

The cumulative rebuilding and detoxing effects help optimize the body’s hormones. These hormones in turn help with more rebuilding.

Many times syptoms of positive rebuilding/detoxing effects are confused with pathologies. Western Medicine as well as Alternative Medicine usually associates a symptom of discomfort with “this means something is wrong and we need to do something about it”.

With Natural Heigine, this is not always the case. When on this system of health and regeneration, one must look carefully to see if the symptom may be a part of the cure and let it continue.

For example lets take candida or yeast overgrowth. The approach of both Western Medicine and Alternative Medicine is:

1–the yeast is bad

2–the yeast must be killed to establish health


In Natural Heigine it is:

1–The yeast is good. We have a10 trillion bactierial cells in our boy and only 1 trillion cells that are our own. It is better to replace the harmful bacterial cells with syntropic, beneficial bacterial cells than to try to directly kill off unwanted bacteria. Yeast is doing it’s job to clean up dead and weak cells which have been damaged by toxins and improper diet. The problem is the dead and diseased cells, not the scavengers.

2–The yeast will go away on it’s own as soon as it has done it’s job of scavenging the dead and weak cells. This can only happen with the proper diet, however, which is based on animal protein and fat. Diets based on carbohydrates feed the yeast. The idea is to starve the yeast but feed the cells which need proper nutrients to rebuild tissue to replace what is being scavenged. Any attempt to kill the yeast will just leave the body with more toxins and not create lasting health.

For an incredible video of how bacteria communicate with each other and do their work in the human body, watch this short video.

For a very thorough and well balanced, research based website on the raw paleo diet:

This was the main jumping off point of my own research.

I have several measures for monitoring the improvements any changes are having on health.

Here are a few of them.

improved sleep

Feeling more awake and rested

Fatigue or tiredness with a sense of ease and “everything is okay” at times alternating with periods of increased energy and stamina. Sometimes there are also periods of restlessness and anxiety but these are shorter than the other two ‘moods’. I believe the periods of restlessness and anxiety are due to periods of detox. I believe the fatigue periods are when the body is in an active ‘rebuilding’ phase. I believe the periods of increased energy are when the body is inbetween a detox and a rebuilding phase. I believe when we have those periods of energy we are able to move more and excersize and that movement then instigates another period of detox.

Improved digestion and elimination followed by periods of diarhea and discharge. Again, this is the rebuilding/tearing down cycle at work.Other healthy detox symptoms are skin eruptions and more mucous in sinus cavities. Also, candida being eliminated through the bowel.

Stabilized weight to one’s optimal level.This could be fat burning or lean muscle increase depending on where you are at.

Basal metabolic rate speeding up from too low to healthy. The ideal rate is (resting): pulse 85bpm, oral temp. 98.6 or higher.

A feeling of warmth in the body.

Pain of all sorts decreasing gradually, with accute flare ups from time to time during a detox.

I have seen this display of events and gradual improvement happen with people on Internet chat groups and with many clients over the 13 years I have started this. Here are some of the systems that are a part of The Reverse Osmoses™ System:

Natural Hiegeine

This system revolves around the idea that ‘germs’ meaning microorganisms such as bacteria is overall our allie in health and not our eneymy. This means that health starts from the inside and having a huge variety of microbes in us will defend us from exogenous “germs” that we are exposed to. A great modern explanation of this is found in Ajonus Vonderplanitz’ “Recipe for Living Without Disease.”

Pro Thyroid Diet(most of this is gleaned from the works of Dr. Ray Peat (

Weston A. Price (Nutrition and Physical Degeneration.

The Real Food Movement

Dr. Cary Reams Biological Theory of Ionization (read The Cause, Causless Shall Not Come)

Raw Paleolithic Diet (

Gentle Heavy Metal Removal through mineral replacement and kombucha tea and Effective Microorganisms.

Correcting faulty proprioception to the brain.(Dr. Larry Lytle)

Cold Laser Therapy

Enzyme Therapy (

Bodywork Therapy

Body Friendly Furniture

Prayer and vibrational healing. The spiritual causes of physical illness and disease. Here is a very good site.


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