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1–Go shopping and buy foods for the Pro-thyroid, Paleo Diet.

Getting Started Foods and Recipes:

  • Carrot/coconut Alive™–see recipe here (buy 2-5 lbs. of organic carrots, one bunch parsley, apple cider vinegar, 2-4 granny smith apples)
  • Bone broth soup (buy a package of Grass Fed Only frozen Beef Bones in the meat department)
  • Great Lakes Gelatin Powder (substitute for bone broth). Order online here
  • Coffee with butter, coconut oil, and Great Lakes Geletin Powder (get shade grown organic coffee and order Great Lakes Geletin online.
  • Eggs (pasture raised only) The other ones are fed thyroid-depleting soy. Try to find a local farmers market.) Best way is raw or soft boiled. Just pour boiling water and sit for five minutes.
  • Marinated and ‘rubbed’ raw meat recipes (buy a pound of raw steak, grass fed and grass finished only, from the meat department. Or SEARED in coconut oil if raw seems unappealing.
  • Seasonings and spices. My favorites are: tumeric powder, oregano powder, rosemary powder, cumin powder, aesofitida powder, cinimmon, ginger powder, stevia powder, vanilla extract, nutritional yeast. (I recommend buying a case–12–of 1/2 pint mason jars. They are a perfect size for holding and organizing a balanced set of spices.) Then go to the Natural Foods store bulk section and fill these jars with spices from the bulk section. Then they are easy to refill and keep top notch fresh.
  • Cervece’–marinated, spicey, raw fish. (buy a pound of raw wild-caught fish from the seafood department. ) OR SEARED if raw seems unappealing.
  • Lemons (for salads and cervece’)
  • Olive oil–for salads
  • Cultured veggies (for getting started you can find them at the Natural Foods store or buy them from this company). Or make your own with my own recipe.
  • Raw goats milk (Look online here for a price-pottinger group in your area and contact them.)
  • Coconut oil–unrefined and raw if possible.
  • High quality sea salt–celtic sea salt is good if you can find it.
  • Organic vegies for salad and cooking–my favorites are: onions, parsnips, turnips, celery, sweet potatoes, kale/collards/swiss chard/mustard greens/, cabbage, brussel sprouts, lettuce, parsley, sweet red peppers, carrots, ginger root, garlic bulbs.
  • Ingredients for Kombucha Tea or buy it ready made. (Sugar, Loose Green Tea, SCOBY)  This is a scientifically verified SAFE mercury chelating beverage, as well as a good source of pro-biotics, anti-oxidants, enzymes, and gluconic acid.
  • My favorite cookbooks: Sally Fallon’s Nourishing Traditions, and Aajonus Vonderplanitz’ The Recipe for Living Without Disease.

2–Get hydrated. Drink ‘structured water” with salt and InnerLightSolution™. Drink about 1/2 gallon or more per day, depending on your climate, season, exercise levels, etc. Drink to taste both quantity of water and amount of salt. A basic guide is 1 tsp. salt  and one teaspoon of InnerLightSolution™ per quart of water. Buy the EM™ Gold Stone to create structured water. Best times to drink are upon waking (16 ounces) and in between meals.

Put EM™ Gold Stone in a one gallon glass jar. Fill with filtered water and let sit overnight. In the morning, pour off 3/4 gallon into another jar or pitcher for use. Fill the one gallon jar with EM Gold Stone with more filtered water. In one hour, you can harvest that again as long as you leave 1 quart in the jar.

3–Sleep with Quantum Calming technology of some sort. The simplest way I know of–short of sleeping on the ground–is to use the Quantum Calming Mat™. This is essential for cutting out the Pathogenic Electromagnetic Frequencies that are bombarding us from the indoor wiring, WI FI, Cell Phone infrastructure, Radio Waves, etc. Also good to use this during the day. During the day when not on your ‘Magic Carpet’ you can sit or stand on the Quantum Calming Mat and/or wear EM Ceramic Jewelery.

4–Make your office movement friendly. Constant movement stimulates metabolism through N.E.A.T (Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis. (Like being a hunter/gatherer in your office.)

5–Go to bed early! May seem impossible at first but start by incrementally dialing down the hour. Ideally, no lights at all in the evening unless it is blue-blocking light bulbs or you are wearing Blue Blocking Eye-wear available here. At least give this a try once or twice on the weekend when you can test to see what effect it has. Then little by little adjust your lifestyle and schedule toward the optimal NO LIGHTS AT NIGHT practice. Even if you don’t have it perfect–INCREMENTAL changes can drastically improve your circadian rhythms and sleep quality and quantity. See Optimizing Circadian Rhythms.

6–Do not hold cell phone or wireless phone to head. Very important. This will destroy benefits you worked so hard for in other areas of your life. Use the speaker!

7–Spend at least an hour outside each day. Get some sun, walk, sunbath, bike, yoga, read. Start thinking about things you can do outside that you normally do inside. Even working on the laptop on the patio if you have the right screen.

8–Inner Light Solution™ (Fermented Super Anti-oxidant/Probiotic Beverage).

9–Kombucha Tea Click here for a quick but thorough article about what is is and what it does.

10–Quantum Sleep Solution™ (powerful calming ‘skin food’ sleep patch). Benefits include: pulls pathogenic, oxidizing, pollutants (toxins) from body, broad spectrum–does not just include one or two but ANYthing oxidizing. Works on quantum level, using anti-oxidants to neutralize and dismantle oxidants. Remineralizes body (building structure). Increases quantity and quality of sleep to induce deeper REM and Delta brain states. Protects from Pathogenic Electromagnetic Fields by adding antioxidants deep inside the body where they can do a lot of powerful action. Often induces a state of bliss, tranquility, serenity.

11–Cut out all mercury chelating substances: cilantro, coriander, spiruling, blue green algae, chlorella or any supplement that has any of these in it.

11–Some kind of movement, creativity, expression getting in touch with your inner centeredness. Yoga, walking, meditation, gardening, body work, journaling, kundalini Oneness Blessing™, Ananda Mandala, Chakra DIana, Chi Qong. Something to express, ground, and get centered, invite and create space for Divine Grace.

12-Create an organic, metal-free, sleeping environment. Platform bed or floor with firm pad.  Check out our product offerings for Paleo Sleeping.

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