This article summarizes three decades of personal study and experimentation on sleep, diet, health and metabolism.


The first two decades I ate different types of mostly vegan diets, which varied, from 1–mostly cooked macrobiotics to 2–Ann Wigmore type raw and sprouted and cultured foods. None of these diets brought me health and sleep.


Immediately when I began the Paleolithic Diet as described in this article, I started feeling relaxed, sleeping well, and feeling a deep balanced energy. For the two decades I spent experimenting with vegan diets I had been a weakling ‘toothpick’ — weighing in at a whopping 119 pounds (average height of 5’ 7”).


Just two weeks after beginning the Paleolithic or Primal Diet (I was 38 years old) my body weight shot to 140 pounds of lean muscle. I had energy like I had never seen and was mountain biking up steep trails at record times without training. That first winter—I started in May of 2003–I was jumping in cold mountain streams through instinct. At that time I did not even know there were any health benefits…(or that there was something called ‘cold thermogenesis’). I simply had the urge and curiosity to do it and it made me feel more alive, like something was waking up inside me. It went along with walking barefoot and sun bathing and sun gazing. I was doing anything I could to get back to the earth and the things that brought super effects of optimal living that went with the Paleolithic or Primal Diet.


During the two decades on various forms of vegan diets my sleep had been terrible. I averaged 6 hours per night sleep and woke up feeling not all there, not rested, and with hypoglycemia. I would get a hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) attack every few hours and food would only keep it away for a short time—sometimes not at all.


On the Paleolithic Diet, the sleep immediately went to between 8 and 10 hours per night. I did not have hypoglycemia. Eventually I started sleeping 10-12 hours per night for a while. After a decade of healing, my sleep has stabilized to about 7-8 hours of blissful sleep. If I have got all my ‘ducks in a row’ with proper circadian timing of meals and waking and sleeping, I will sleep straight through the night and need slightly less sleep. If I get off on timing and eat too late, sleep isn’t perfect and I may wake up once in the night for a short period.


I go to bed about 9pm and wake up about 5am—if I have no evening activities that night. Otherwise I try to get to bed by 10pm. I never set an alarm; my circadian clock is extremely reliable.



I have taken the personal experimentation to the extreme. I now have a grasp on just which details affect this whole process.  The Paleolithic Diet alone did the most. Then I added the details of 1) Cutting out fruit in winter, 2) Going to bed early and low to no lights at night, and 3) Cold thermogenesis. These three things brought my sleep from excellent to optimal. I started feeling about 20% more alert and energetic with about 20% less sleep. (These are subjective measurements based on my best guess.) I also stopped getting up in the middle of the night needing a glass of milk, needing to pee, and laying awake awhile before getting back to sleep.


For about one year I have also experimented with sleeping outdoors in various environments from meadows to deep forest to mountain streams and water bodies. This winter I even went as far as to completely move outside into a tipi with no heat and have spent the past two months living like this. I wanted to see how things like the Schumann’s Resonance and the natural winter cold would effect me. I came through with flying colors. All this theory proved itself to be extremely accurate. My sleep was better than ever. I would calm like nothing else immediately upon laying down. I could ‘feel’ the Schumann’s Field. It actually felt like I was ‘drinking’ the air. The cold went into my lungs even while I was warmly snuggled into my sleeping bag. I slept warm, with outside temps-within inches of my skin–well below freezing. I was productive, alert, and active physically, mentally, and socially. In effect, there was NO BIOLOGICAL DISADVANTAGE to completely doing without modern heating. That is, as far as biology is concerned. Socially it was quite difficult to maintain acceptable levels of hygiene and cleanliness and appearance while juggling responsibilities between the two worlds. But I lived for two months and thrived and took the Paleolithic Philosophy almost as far as it could go. I was living on the edge of the city limits and mostly walking and biking into town every day to work where there was a hot spot. I was waking up at the crack of dawn to greet the sunrise. Several times each week I jumped into the icy river, but only if the air temperature was above 50 degrees Fahrenheit.  I did not get run down. I got ‘cold’ but I soon adapted to the cold and could do things without hands getting numb. In fact I have experienced improvements in several areas. Eyesight improved, a ‘frozen shoulder’ which resulted from a bike injury 1.5 years previous finally healed with no body work or other therapy, and basal metabolic rate improved. (Previous heart rate average: 60 pbs to 85 pbs/ previous oral body temperature 96.5 average to 98.5 average.)


All this and I are 49 years old. I have used my own body as a laboratory to test these theories extensively.  I am confident that each of the therories delivers on the promises it demonstrates. I have now moved back into the ‘modern’ world, bringing my knowledge and experiences to continue to compare and improve. I want to see if I can ‘bio-remediate’ to get the great results here as I got out there in the primeval, fairy-land world of cold winter living practically on the bare ground. I live one block from a Cell Phone tower. I am now testing my Quantum Calming tools to see how they work. Stay tuned for further adventures!


Some things I find helpful if I am over-excited and need something to calm down:


1–A cup of preferably warm preferably raw goat milk, sometimes with salt, honey, and cinnamon. (Calcium is calming, salt reduces cortisol, and honey raises blood sugar: the whole combination is relaxing while raising cellular energy.)

2–Valarian Root. It is reported to help reset circadian rhythms. Especially helpful when traveling through different time zones. Also relaxes muscles and nerves and helps the liver.

3—Inclined bed – many benefits such as aiding digestion, circulation, metabolism, detoxification, and heart rate.

4—Quantum Calming Mat (increase circulation, cellular calming, grounding)

5—Quantum Sleep SOLution (transdermal magnesium therapy, reduces cellular excitation. Magnesium opposes mercury in the cell, so one of this formula’s purposes is to rebuild structure, by replacing the mercury with magnesium)

6—Firm bed therapy: see Sweet Dreams on a Hard Surface.

7—During the day, stand up or use active sitting as much as possible at work.

8—No serious conversations in the evening. The beta brain waves required for that activity could offset the relaxing alpha brain waves, which calm us down before we fall asleep.

9—No to minimal lights. I’m still working on this. Just do the best you can. Beeswax candles seem to be the best idea. They emit calming ions and scent while having the right amount of light for relaxing but still getting some things done.

10—Make sure your room is truly a sanctuary from the ‘bad’ things: mold, off gassing chemicals, and EMF’s. Use non-synthetic, organic bedding, good air circulation, cool temperature with as little indoor climate control and maximum outside air as possible. If you can’t get it perfect, you can immediately ‘bio-remediate’ by putting Effective Microorganism’s in a humidifier at the ratio of 1 TBS. per gallon of water and creating a ‘cloud’ of negative, purifying ions which take care of mold, chemicals and EMF’s all in one fell swoop.

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