by  Patrick Clark


My bones know these watersbigcreekupstream

They tumble and bubble

Foam and smash

Crash and bounce

Sing and dance

Riccoche down the mountain

Over boulders, logs, moss

And play with the fish and salamanders

On their way, passing through

The valley they carved

Sparkle and shine

In rays of mist,

mixed with dappled



My bones know this wellIMG_1132

My bones remember

And sink down into

A peace

A silence with no

Coming nor going

Yet nothing but

Coming and going

A stillness hanging in between

Each coming and going


In a timeless time

A placeless place

Between worlds


I slept by the water all night longIMG_0775

And woke up feeling a pain long buried.

My bones remembered

Because they knew these waters

From the beginning.


I sit on this boulder

Water swirling on all sides, breathing in a smell so sweet I cannot leave

I can feel the pain lingering from the past.


I come from a storyIMG_1143

I did not want to remember

A pain that to relive

Would destroy.

But here it’s okay.

Here by this stream,

this will pass through me.


I tried to forget

But these waters persisted

Would not stop singing

This happened

This was your life

But this was not you

See this, acknowledge this,

feel this,

and then let it pass.


These waters healIMG_1146

These waters sing the song of the stars

Twinkling in the night sky

Wide, cold, pure, deep

Constant, cutting through

Millennia to get to the core

Right where the truth is


These waters sing

The story of the universe

You can hear if you can

Stand to listen if it

Doesn’t kill you first.

Most people cannot hear and could not bear to listen and feel.


Sit and sleep near beside the creek

And you will be pure

You will become the sound

the music, the energy

Nothing will be left inside you

It gets washed away one

Grain at a time until you

Become silent. You become

Truth and you exist

Whole and complete

Between worlds

Between time and space


Often you will want to turn and run

Go find something to do

Go find some people to

Validate you, entertain you.

Anything to get away.


Sit here, sleep here, walk here, be here

Breath the mist deep into

Your center core

Hear the pounding in the center of the river

On the bank

And further away

Feel the power and how

It changes you.

Move with it, stay with it.


Your story of

Who you are, where you came from

Goes downstream or evaporates


Now you are ever new

Fresh, vibrant, unencumbered

You are



Ancient Trees



And your bones remember.



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