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For a more thorough approach, get yourself a cup of coffee or tea, find a comfortable spot to relax, and read on…(if you’re lucky, sit in something like this)

Floor or Bed Lounge Chair for reading, video, laptop computing.

Floor or Bed Lounge Chair for reading, video, laptop computing.


The process of evolving to a new lifestyle is huge. It may involve:

  • getting rid of toxins in your house (replacing furniture)
  • getting rid of toxins in your body
  • buying a new bed
  • new diet
  • learning new recipes
  • more time for rest
  • a new way of arranging your schedule (going to bed early and waking up early)

“How can I possibly do all that? I’ve got to work and feed my family, pay my mortgage, or ___________?” You ask.

Good point. The fact is this new paleo/modern lifestyle actually INCREASE productivity and efficiency, not to mention creativity and personal effectiveness. It just may look a little different at first.

But it increases productivity and efficiency so much–the way it looks won’t even matter. The results will be so obvious, there is no longer a question.

We are talking about a COMPLETE SYSTEM UPGRADE, not just a ‘reboot’. We are talking about a PHASE SHIFT where what you now call ‘normal’ will no longer be that. Your standards and expectations will be set much higher when you start experiencing the power of this way of life.

The system presented here offers a different way of approaching ‘productivity’.

  • Instead of a ‘work ethic’ that means abusing mind, spirit, and body to get to some elusive goal of ‘success’
  • We follow a ‘love ethic’ of loving yourself, taking care of yourself, and trusting that others will thus benefit more from your actions when you are at your best.
  • This approach starts with the value that abundance, joy, love, health, wealth, and prosperity are mutually supportive and non of them need to be compromised for the other.
  • Rest and recuperation are part of the new lifestyle.
  • In order to feel better we need to get rid of toxins.
  • And part of that process is going to mean taking ‘down time’ for yourself.
  • This whole way is revolutionary and challenging to the status quo.
  • We use ‘systems theory’ to re-engineer your lifestyle, instead of the current haphazard approach.

In this case as in most–you get what you pay for. To get the rewards of healing, energy, fitness and sense of calm and clarity beyond the ordinary, you will need to take the steps. It takes motivation, determination, and a desire to live well and feel great. If you have these, then read on…

The information on this site is extensive. It is grounded in both science and personal experience and observations and Divine Guidance.

There are four primary and synergistic areas of the Paleo All The Way lifestyle:





The idea is to put ourselves in as much of the Paleo Landscape/Environment as we can even though we are no longer hunter/gathers. At least we can attune ourselves to the native food and cycles of sun/moon/seasons/earth. The OFFICE needs to put us in different positions and provide an atmosphere for movement, stretching, toning and PLAY!

The list of articles would fall in this order:

1–Principles of the Paleo All the Way Protocol

2–Paleo/prothyroid  Diet Guidelines

2–Sleep Ergonomics

3–What’s Wrong with the Chair?

When you get your diet and environment set up to support the Paleolithic, Hunter/Gatherer lifestyle, then go on to these articles:

4–Getting the Sleep You have always Dreamed of by Optimizing Circadian Rhythms

5–Twenty Powerful Detox Tools/techniques

5–Laptop Ergonomics: Footloose and ChairFree

6–ChairFree Lifesyle: A New Approach to Fitness and Health


I will be posting a detailed protocol which walks you through each step of the way–the  90 day Paleo Modern Inner Light Solutions™ Wellness Protocol.  In the meantime….read on!

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