Paleo/ Primal Diet Shopping 101

Shopping List for One Week for one person. When I shop it's like a party. I often get compliments about my shopping cart full of rainbow colored veggies. I can take a cart full of mysterious raw ingredients and turn it into super powerful health giving and mouth...

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Kombucha Healing Salve Beauty Cream

Put in blender and puree the following ingredients: Kombucha mushroom (SCOBY) cut into small pieces. About two cups worth is good. Kombucha tea: enough to make all the ingredients wet enough to blend smoothly. Probably one cup is good. Two inch or so piece of organic...

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Chocolate/ Liver Wake Up Smoothie

This power packed meal-in-a-glass will make your eyes shine and light up your brain so you can go for hours without thinking about food. As nutrient dense as it gets and super bio-available from raw ingredients that your body can absorb and use instantly. The...

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Carrots Alive Breakfast Salad

Carrots Alive Breakfast Salad This is my go-to breakfast for a refreshing, bursting with juicy flavor way to start the day. For protein I also eat some Pemmican (see recipe below) which is a lot like bacon...or some raw meat. The fiber and chewing is great for toning...

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Primal Transformation Book

The Primal Transformation lays out a step-by-step system for adopting the diet and lifestyle that turned my own health and life around. In this book I have put together a POWERHOUSE combination of tools and techniques for getting toxins out of the body, even deep...

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Slow Fermented Sourdough Bread

There is controversy around bread and the question it paleo? In my opinion, the word 'bread' needs to be defined. Slow fermented sourdough bread or quick rising yeast bread? Just like, in my opinion, the difference between factory farmed meat and grass-fed....

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Kick Ass Kultured Veggie Salad

I invented this recipe in search of a mild cultured veggie mix that would not be hot and spicey like a pickle. I wanted it to be more like a stew or a stir fry, but completely raw. I could not find anything like this on the market. Some Asian woman saw me buying all...

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Cocao Butter Balls

These make an incredible high energy trail snack or energy bar or even a meal replacement when you're on the go. They also make an excellent dessert. The recipe is strategically designed to stimulate metabolism, brain function, and joint care, and balance...

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