Mocha Raw Egg Lattee

Here's an easy recipe for a paleo version of hot cocoa. This became my go-to dessert for living in cold weather. Some people have told me the idea of eating raw eggs is not appatizing. However, I have introduced this recipe to many people who have agreed, you don't...

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Marinated Raw Steak and Pan Fried Veggies

This is a sweet and savory meal that takes minutes to prepare and will satisfy a hearty appetite. It is best to make it ahead of time and let it soak int he marinade for a few hours. However, it can also be eaten immediately after placing in the marinade....

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Cowboy Sushi

Sushi Nori Raw ground beef Avacado Mayonaise Chopped green onions and parsley 1--Lay sheet of sushi nori on a place or cutting board. 2--Spread some raw ground beef on nori roll (about 1/2' thick). Leave the front and back edge clear by about an inch....

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Keto Croissant

Raw suet? How in the world do you eat that stuff. Eat this and you will know where the expression "chew the fat" comes from. At best raw fat tastes bland and has an interesting texture between chewing gum and, well, chewing gum. I discovered a way to actually make it...

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Roots and Greens Soup

Here is a quick soup that takes about 20 minutes of prep time and is hearty as if you’ve been cooking bones all day. The trick is adding the gelatin and butter at the end. Serve this with a meat dish for a complete tasty and balanced paleo meal. After putting the...

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Grain Free Tabouli Salad

Tabouli is likely the topmost famed Mediterranean/Middle Eastern salad there is. Tabouli is traditionally made with a base of either bulgar or cous cous which are wheat products. However, I finally had this idea to simply substitute grated carrots for the grain and...

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Raw Egg Latte

Raw Egg Latte: This can be a compliment to breakfast or can be a complete breakfast. This is an incredible way to get super charged nutrition very easily and can be drank quickly...although I try to spread it out and savor every sip. When on the road I will buy eggs...

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Kombucha Tea: How I Make It

Kombucha Tea: exact recipe for the most effective/medicinal kombucha brew I know to date:   Soak 1 cup green tea and 1/4 c. dried raspberries in 3/4 gallon of water overnight or 8 hours. Strain water through fine mesh strainer and compost the remainder of solids. To...

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Paleo/ Primal Diet Shopping 101

Shopping List for One Week for one person. When I shop it's like a party. I often get compliments about my shopping cart full of rainbow colored veggies. I can take a cart full of mysterious raw ingredients and turn it into super powerful health giving and mouth...

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