THE FIRST PRINCIPLES ARE: Try to replicate the diet of our ancestors as much as possible.

This means: Pre-Civilization Diet dating before grain cultivation. The grain based diet is what civilization is built on, and it has wreaked havoc on health and genetics, creating ‘modern’ or ‘neolithic’ diseases.

Ideally eat only what grows in your climate during the season it is ripe. The reason is, this synchronizes circadian rhythms. In the tropics: Fruits and fruit juices especially combined with sea salt and fat like heavy cream, keiffer, butter, and coconut oil. Especially combine these when eating meat. In temperate climates, one develops an new sense of tasting sweetness when eating fat. Stevia is okay to use as well.

However, this rule is not set in stone (pardon the expression). Some foods are health-giving even when growing in other climates and do not compromise our circadian rhythms. Some examples are: coffee, coconut oil, kombucha tea, wild caught sea fish. Also, we can choose to eat some grain if it is prepared by special methods of fermentation as practiced by many Native Cultures according to this article. The small amount of lacto-fermented grain is a bit of a hazy area right now whether it helps or hurts. If you are working mostly on weight loss, it would be best to avoid grain altogether until you have regained what is called ‘leptin sensitivity’. That means, your body has become ketogenic meaning it burns fat efficiently. Grains and starchy vegetables are known to block leptin sensitivity. Leptin is a master hormone that fires the endocrine system and turns on the ‘fat burning pathway’.

Also, TIMING of meals is crucial to get your circadian rhythms synchronized.

Timing and size of meals varies depending on individual circumstances, lifestyle, season, excercise, etc. Ideally eating a large breakfast and within 30 minutes of waking is ideal. This one step wlll reduce the need for snacking in most cases. This is the time of day the body has the most ability to digest food. However, instinct and process is important. Some people in comprimised conditions may need to eat small meals at regular intervals, and drink a glass of keiffer or milk before bed. It reduces adrenal, raises blood sugar, and helps the thyroid.

The Circadian Reset Diet focuses on Meat and Fat.

If cravings for sugar and grain are dominant, then adding more fat to the diet usually stops the cravings. We are talking about an amount of fat most people cannot imagine, like 1/8 pound of butter or cream or coconut oil per day minimum but often 1/2 pound to 1 pound in winter is preferable to many. Fat is a STAPLE not a condiment. We are reversing the standard FDA FOOD PYRIMID which is flawed. Cholesterol is misunderstood in our society. Ray Peat lays out the healing powers of cholesterol and saturated fat in this ground breaking scientific article. 

Next in line of staples comes animal protein in the form of

red meat


fowl is not as nutritious but if you can find free range, is a nice change of pace sometimes

Raw or Rare  Red Meat Seared lightly in coconut oil and salted generously to taste–4 oz. or more 2-3x daily. Fish, Shellfish, Crustaceans are very important as well. Organ meats from land based animals. Grass fed and free range is of course best.  Try to find some grass fed beef liver and eat a small amount once a week if possible. There are some good recipes to make it taste good such as ‘liver pate’, if the flavor is unappelaing. Order 100% grassfed, grassfinished bison raised on prarie grasses. My favorite is mail ordered from

Pasture-raised eggs in generous amounts according to taste. Raw is best in smoothies. Some people can’t eat the whites so just eat the yokes is needed. Cook the whites but not the yolks when possible. Use only free range eggs. Chickens are fed soy which is a huge thyroid inhibitor, and that makes it’s way into the eggs. See if there is a farmers market in your area.

Raw Cheese, the older the better. Goat cheese by far the best.

Salads and vegies cooked in coconut oil or tallow.

The only fats: butter, cream, coconut oil, olive oil, animal fat. Use liberally with every meal and snacks. No seed oils..

Gelatin Powder mixed in drinks or foods. Great Lakes Gelatin is the best. Or Oxtail Soup or Gelintionous broth from bones. Always have some when eating meat. A good general dose of gelatin powder is 3-6 tablespoons per day, spread throughout the day. This does a LOT of things, heals the gut, feeds the brain and metabolism, nourished and rebuilds joints. Read this Ray Peat article for the incredible healing power of gelatin.

Sea Salt in generous amounts according to taste,This remineralizes the body, promotes good thyroid function, and helps hydrate the body. Here is some scientific background on the healing power of salt, by Dr. Ray Peat.

Grated carrot mixed with salt, coconut oil, and raw apple cider vinegar first thing in the morning and any other time desired. This promotes peristalsis in the intestines promoting good bowel function, as well as absorbes toxins in the bowel so they don’t get redistributed. First thing in the morning is best. Eat as much as you like but 1 cup is a good amount to aim for. You can put fun things on it and think of it like pancakes: cream, butter, chopped almonds, apples or other fruit, grated beet, bokashi (EM fermented rice bran probiotic), shredded coconut.

Therapeutic Use of Coffee

Coffee according to taste and early in day so not to hurt sleep. Eventually when your body becomes thyroid sensitive again, you can drink coffee later in the day. It is really good with butter  and coconut oil melted in and also a pinch of salt and some geletin. This combination is incredible for brain/metabolism and can provide focused energy and calm. After you flush the estrogen from the cells, coffee may not keep you awake and can be consumed in the evening. This promotes the body’s ability to use thyroid (t3), has lots of magnesium and Vit. B12 and other vits and minerals, and increases circulation to the brain. It also detoxes some heavy metals like cadmium, and purifies the water it is made in. If you aren’t used to this, start with a small amount like 2 ozs. and increase gradualy as the desire arises. Your body will gradually be able to absorb the coffee without causing rapid heartbeat. If symptoms of rapid heartbeat occure, simply drink salted orangejuice and it should subside within 20 minutes. See this article for a detailed scientific explanation of how coffee effects metabolism and why it has been misunderstood for so long.


How to eat raw eggs: This makes a highly nutritious, delicious and super easy lunch for people on the go. You might double the recipe and drink 1/2 at lunch and 1/2 later in the afternoon if you get hungry. I often do this. It digests quickly.

My favorite smoothy recipe is:

4 pasture raised raw eggs

1 cup raw goat milk

1 TBS or more Great Lakes Gelatin Powder

handful fresh or frozen berries of choice OR 2 TBS cocoa powder

dash of vanilla extract

1 TBS. nutritional yeast

pinch of salt

stevia or honey to taste (maybe a tsp. of honey)

Blend in blender on low for a few seconds.


Note: Raw Milk is good, but Cow’s Milk may not work for all people. Many people get congested and tired from cow’s milk. Goat milk is widely accepted as non-allergenic even in situations where cow’s milk is not tolerated. Here is a really refreshing scientific study on the health benefits of milk to dispel so much of the hype.

Supplemental Natural Beverages:

This is a general guideline an could be tailored for each individual. This is for adults. Children’s would be somewhat different.

Kombucha tea 2 cups per day sipped throughout the day. (proven to remove mercury in a safe way).

EM’s (Effective Microorganisms™) or Inner Light Solution™ is an antioxidant, probiotic beverage that can be consumed with each meal to aid digestion and sipped in between meals. Can be combined with kombucha. EM’s is an acronym for Effective Microorganisms¨. It is a brand name referring to a line of microbial-based products using a technology developed by Japanese scientist Dr. Teruo Higa. EM-1™is a liquid bacterial product made of three groups of bacteria: Yeast, Photosythetic Bacteria, and Lactic Acid Bacteria. This is a powerful tool which not only aids digestion but also offers detoxification inside the cells.

Thyroid Glandular according to the amount your body needs.

Instructions and background on science here:

Order it here:

Progesterone (for women–men make their own out of pregnenolene)

Pregnenolene for women and men. However, I have found that when consuming enough raw coconut and animal fat my body makes all it needs. This seems to work for others I have counseled as well, but most of us need to consume the fat with either fruit, fruit juice, or lemon juice because of poor digestion from enzyme deficiency.

Colustrum Powder. This is extremely healing, as well as quite expensive. I have found that with raw dairy, I don’t seem to need this.But it travels well and is great when I can’t get access to high quality raw dairy. Also, if raw dairy isn’t available, try to find grass fed, non-homogenized milk. Then turn that into keiffer or add EM’s which will bring back the missing enzymes.


 Here is an excellent article supporting the principles stated here, written by Sally Fallon.



All PUFA’s (polyunsaturated fats) which come in the form of nuts and seeds and their oils, as well as fish oil, Omega supplements like borage oil, etc.


All soy products and supplements.


Anything with spirulina, cilantro, coriander, blue green algae, Alpha Lapoic Acid, NAC, and a few other things. (This redistributes mercury)


Iodine supplements such as Idoral, Lugol’s Solution (Thyroid suppressants). You will get plenty of iodine in the diet. Too much is just as bad as too little. See the works of Dr. Broda Barns for the research.


Thyroid suppressing vegies like: cabbage, broccoli, mustard greens, kale, radishes. (However, these are fine when cooked.)


Green veggie juice or supplements such as green powders.


All protein powder drinks.


Any estrogen supplement or drug.


Table salt.


Long term exposure to synthetic bedding, paints, carpeting household cleaners. Be very careful when buying new clothes. Many of them are made with harmful chemicals embedded in the fabric.


Women don’t wear bras! Read Dressed to Kill to find out Why. Synthetic clothing blocks the electrical pathways of the body or Wei Chi.

Put nothing on the body you wouldn’t eat. Really you shouldn’t put anything in the air you wouldn’t eat as well.This goes with paints and finishes and bedding that offgass, household cleansers, bug sprays, moth balls, and just about anything you buy at a conventional store.Antibacterial soaps have mercury, air “fresheners” have pesticide derivitives. Avoid cologn and perfume.

Eyesight Improvement


Bates Method

Proprioceptive Feedback to the Brain (genetically inferior mutations showing up in the jaw whictch hamper circulation to eyes and brain and impair sympathetic nervous system.).

Pinhole Glases

[Warning! The information presented here has not been evaluated by the FDA. This information is only educational in nature and should be carefully considered before attempting. Please consult your trusted health care adviser before undertaking this or any new practice that may effect your health.

This article is the 1st Amendment in action. The things you will find here are for information and research purposes only. I am sharing information.If you act on ideas found here, you do so at your own risk. Self-help requires intelligence, common sense, and the ability to take responsibility for your own actions. If you use any of this informatio you agree to hold yourself FULLY responsible FOR yourself. Do not use an ideas found here without consulting a medical professional, unless you ara researcher or health care provider.]

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