Bag It! Bag it, wrap it, cut it up and package it. Everywhere you look they’re hanging on the trees snagged the ditch and swept into the sky So many bags how can we imagine a handful of nuts gathered in an empty gourd? Paper or plastic? Take it off the shelf and put it in a little bag all by itself Then put it in a shopping bag–a big piece of garbage. The landfill can handle all the carnage. A bark canoe carries the day’s catch home from sea. Paper or plastic? A world contained, separated, maintained A way of life protected from the rain Things can’t get out, When we go back we’ll get bags again. container’s for our belief system no strain or pain or sweaty forehead pulling the tumpline which carries the woven vine basket of berries and roots up mesa slopes. Paper or plastic? Take all the bags and put them in another bag Put that bag in a bag and then into another bag And into the trunk of the car which makes it all possible. Paper or plastic? When you get home take them all out. Put all the bags into another bag and put it on the curb If you have the nerve The trash man won’t care or try to swerve away. Bags are security and control, A way to order the universe with boundaries and not be lost in chaos and undefined space. Paper or plastic? Bag It–Page Two The tipi is a container for life buffalo hide and cedar poles a “place lived in” the ritual center of the universe from which all life originates a person feels at home, complete. Everything needed is right at hand The sun, moon, grasshoppers are in their place Bags are the ritual center of the universe a container for our material culture We would be lost without them. Do we have a bag over our heads? Our lives are overpackaged. We can store this year’s harvest in a hollow log, buried, through the winter. All things come from the earth and the earth takes them back the biggest bag of all.

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