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How would you like to

  • sleep like a baby 8 or 10 hours per night?anne11sm
  • activate endorphins (feel good hormones)?
  • wake up refreshed and ready for the day?
  • be more alert creative and productive throughout the day?
  • have more energy and natural motivation to move and excercize?
  • look and feel younger
  • improve your biological age markers?
  • reduce and eliminate aches and pains in the body?

What is keeping you from having those deep restful sleeps you had years ago?

In these coaching sessions I will address the four steps to regaining your full sleep potential.

1) Environment: How to Create a Sleep Sanctuary

2) Diet: Foods that provide raw materials for optimizing sleep and metabolism hormones that are necessary for deep sleep cycles.

3) Synchronizing Circadian Rhythms:

4) Relaxation and stress management.

For some background information you can read my articles:

Sweet Dreams on a Hard Surface

Optimizing Circadian Rhythms

Hidden Hazards in Your Bedroom

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