Rewild Your Way to Wellness

Hi I’m Patrick Clark and I am a Wellness Educator that helps men and women reach new levels of health so they can feel awesome in their bodies, reverse degenerative disease, repair injuries and optimize sleep, energy and body composition.

I recovered from a decades-long decline in health by adopting a system generally dubbed Ancestral Health. I practically brought myself back from the dead using this method and paradigm that turned the food pyramid and all my previous ideas and concepts about health upside down.

The problems appeared when I was 17 and I spent 20 years trying different diets and natural protocols all to no avail…until I discovered the Raw Primal Diet. This was basically close to the Paleo Diet before Paleo became a name in modern usage. Only the Primal Diet is primarily raw.

Crazy improvements in health which happened instantly once I started the Primal Diet actually brought me back STONGER than before and healed my Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, auto-immune disfunction, hypo-thyroidism, and adrenal fatigue. Now after 16 years on this diet my biological age is 20 years younger than my actual age, and I’ve been able to do crazy things almost unheard of like

  • Increasing sleep potential to that of a child (I can easily sleep 10-12 hours per night)
  • Healing injuries with exponential speed (One week to heal a three stitch wound…with no stitches)
  • Enjoying a vibrant body and mind free of aches and pains at 53 years old
  • Eye color changed from muddy hazel to bright clear baby blue (Embarrassing compliments all the time about how pretty my eyes are:)
  • Energy levels are better than when I was in my 20’s

My incredible Paleo Come Back along with my delicious simple and gourmet recipes will be published in an upcoming book. I share my journey and the tools and recipes I have learned on this blog.

Patrick, you are the most awesome success story I personally know. You remind me of Jordan Rubin in how he came back from the brink! And I watched the happening of some of your “before & after” for so many years. Your ongoing forward motion leaves me inspired & gratefully speechless. So glad to know you. Blessings in all you do and all you be!

Linda Redmond

Rewild Your Way To Wellness

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