Free Your Body, Free Your Breathing, Free Your Creativity

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A  portable work station for laptop computers, writing, and reading that can be used in three different ways:

1–as a floor desk and for active sitting while kneeling, squatting or perching

2–as a seat and podium for active sitting at a standard height desk

3–as a stand up desk

* This simple set of props turns everyday sedentary desk work into an all day workout.  Versatile, customizable, modular, eco friendly furniture to bring movement and power to your office setting.

* Take it outdoors and work in your yard or the park.

* Vertically aligns body and eliminates back pain from chair sitting.

* Active sitting effortlessly burns calories, increases flexibility, circulation, and tones the core.

* Act like a nerd but don’t look like a nerd…takes the slump out of laptop use.

* Sleek minimalist eco-modern design compliments any room or lobby.

* Inspired by low Japanese furniture design.

* Knocks down in seconds.

* Normally laptop computers are exceptionally hard on the back because one has to stoop to see the screen which is too low. See Laptop Ergonomics.

* This work station puts the screen closer to eye level and the keyboard at a comfortable level as well.

* Active Sitting enhances concentration and creativity by activating and synchronizing both hemispheres of the brain (brain wave synchronization).

* Constructed from non-toxic, recycled and

eco-friendly materials.

* Made in America with Fair Trade Labor. No PBDE’s.

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