The Body Friendly Office™ transforms a sedentary desk job into an all day workout. It puts you into different positions using several interactive work stations, incorporating movement, also known as N.E.A.T. ( or non-exercise activity thermogenesis) into your lifestyle. In other words, it puts some of the essential elements of the Hunter/Gatherer Lifestyle back into the modern setting.

According to NASA scientist Dr. Vernikos, auther of Sitting Kills,

“We need to rediscover a lifestyle of constant natural, low intensity, non-excercise movement that uses the gravity vector throughout the day…The less you move, the less you use gravity, and gravity, it turns out, is your lifeline.

The Body Friendly Office™ can kick your butt or it can be a relaxing spa-like experience. The beauty of this kind of interactive environment is that YOU decide–YOU decide at any particular time which work station you want to use, based on your mood and energy level at any particular time.

This office stretches, strengthens, relaxes, aligns, tones, restores and stimulates. This office is dynamic as oppossed tos tatic. Once you try this way of working, you won’t be able to go back to your old desk job. But don’t take my word for it, let me show you how it works!