$40—-35″ x 70″ —-1/8″ thick

Tatami Mats make a nice floor covering for a Paleo Pad™ or other floor bedding. They provide protection from the dirt as well as create a small amount of ventilation.

Though first introduced in 17th Century Japan as a covering for dirt floors, tatami mats are very much a perfect floor covering in today’s Eco Home. Japanese Tatami Mats are made from rush or rice straw and retain a light green or ‘sage’ color, slowly fading over time. Their soft, tactile texture feels great on bare feet. The soft grassy aroma comes straight from China where these were made.

Tatami Mats can be used alone, or can be used as something to place a Paleo Pad™ zabuton or futon on top of for added protection. Tatami mats can also be used outdoors on the grass as a natural ground cloth.

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