Avoiding Office Body: Turn Sedentary into an all day Workout

Sitting is killing us and we know it, but what do we do about it? I offer a step-by-step program called Integrated Office Fitness that offers a gentle workout which tones the core, increases flexibility, balance and metabolism. Simple lifestyle tweaks allow you to constantly be building fitness and health without wasting time doing things which destroy it.

Synchronize Your Circadian Rhythms by Rewilding your Lifestyle

Modern society throws off our ability to synch with the natural cycles of day/night/Schumann resonances, and seasonal changes in light and temperature. This disconnect compromises our health, sleep, vitality and dowsing abilities.  The new field of Ancestral Health reveals critical lifestyle changes we can adopt which re-connect us to our internal clock which is programmed in our DNA. Practices include: diet, timing of daily activities, Earthing, exposure to daylight, using the floor as a base of activities for primal movement, natural fibers which increase our frequency, and more. The workshop will be action packed condensing a lot of material in a short time. It will include a complete system for rebooting your lifestyle. We will sample some tasty Primal Foods, learn primal movements, and you will leave with a complete system for rewilding your lifestyle. Wear comfortable clothing as we will be doing some yoga-like movements.

Primal Diet Basics: How to Get Started

A complete menu plan, how to shop, how to set up your kitchen, how to balance nutrition and taste, setting up a schedule, taking Primal Diet on the road

Sleep Like a Dream: Optimizing the Regenerative Power of Sleep

creating a sleep sanctuary
how thyroid effects sleep and metabolism
sleepy foods
light and temperature

At Ease in the Cold: How to be comfortable in any weather by optimizing metabolism and heat generating potential.


Outdoor Living Skills and Wilderness Travel using Paleo/primal principles



Rewild Your Way To Wellness

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