Wellness Coaching




Activate your life with guided instructions and one-on-one consulting with Paleo Nutrition and Lifestyle Expert Patrick Clark. Immediate results based on a powerful principle-based program that optimizes wellness by focusing on metabolism and circadian biology.

——What You Get—–

* Get the toxins out of your house, and your body

* Recover from illness and regain your life.

* Eat a delicious diet that works for you. Recipes and instruction. No calorie restrictions.

* Achieve the ultimate sleep.

* Optimize metabolism and ideal body weight and composition.

* Become more productive and effective at work.

* Look good, feel good, do good.

* Superpower your direction and add new possibilities.

* Increase enjoyment and motivation, have more fun.

* Synchronize your circadian rhythms with the earth / sun cycles.

How We Will Work Together

* Customized protocol tailored to your specific situation.

* Personalized evaluation/assessment determines priorities.

* Includes: Environment, Daily Schedule, Diet, Sleep, Fitness,
Recovery from illness

* One hour weekly consult via Skype, Phone, or live.

* Phone and email support, unlimited.

* Links to resources specific to your situation and needs

Additional information

Coaching Package

30 Day Challenge, 60 minutes, 90 Day Challenge

Rewild Your Way To Wellness

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