PatrickMr. Clark ‘brought himself back from the dead’ after experiencing two decades of declining health and trying diets and modalities that failed miserably. Then he discovered a paradigm that revealed the truth that had been hiding behind current medical thinking. This new way was the ONLY WAY that worked. Now, after ten years of putting together a unique protocol based on cutting edge research, he is offering his knowledge to the public.

Mr. Clark has been researching, writing, designing and inventing his entire life– across a broad spectrum of media. He lives in the crack between the raw wilderness Paleo world and the cutting edge modern urban setting. He has lived in that realm since he was a child exploring the mountain behind his house on aboriginal Cherokee trails in the Wayehutta Valley of Cullowhee, North Carolina. The ‘Edge’ is the richest most fertile and abundant habitat, according to Permaculture principles.

Mr. Clark has, as part of his wellness/vitality protocol, invented a line of revolutionary ‘body friendly’ furniture as well as highly effective, nutrient dense, anti-oxidant rich recipes and wellness formulas. This paleolithic/modern lifestyle is a powerhouse of transformation, unlocking the door to the ancient ways, extending our limits beyond the confines of what we think is possible.

Whether you want to sleep better, have more energy, recover from illness including Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, loose weight, gain weight, be comfortable in cold and heat, or have a steady supply of sustained energy and mental focus, Patrick Clark can help you get there. In other words, Mr. Clark can help you get your life back!

Clark’s ‘creative process’ takes him to remote, quiet places in nature alternating with urban jungles where he sees society as ‘the new wilderness’. He is a keen observer and follows his intuitive flashes closely, however wild they may be. His unconventional approach uses nature, metabolism, and consciousness as the starting point of design. His bold attempts to re-design lifestyle to fit these three criteria has resulted in products that are on the market and sold on this site. When he has a question that no-one can answer, he knows it’s time for a new search.

Mr. Clark has been interested in anthropology, nutrition, human locomotion and the history of transportation and furniture, from a cultural, lifestyle, and environmental perspective. He realized the body mechanics and biology of human locomotion were applicable to everyday activities in the home and office and his design focus has been integrating these two areas of life.

He was editor of Kokopelli Notes: The Journal of Self-Propelled Transportation (1990-1994), which was nationally distributed, reviewed by Utne Reader, and won the E-Town E-chievement Award in 1993. He has several published landmark articles on the Internet which are listed on this site.

He has a certificate in Permaculture Design as well as Outdoor Leadership from the Wilderness Education Association.

Patrick Clark graduated from Lawrence High in 1982, and the University of Kansas in 1987 with a B.S. degree in Education.

Some of Patrick’s favorite activities are:  swimming, Deeksha Oneness Blessing, bicycling, backpacking, gardening, skateboarding and continuing to learn, experiment, explore, invent and write.


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