Hi I’m Patrick Clark and I recovered from a decades-long decline in health by adopting a strange diet and paradigm called the raw primal/ paleo diet. I practically brought myself back from the dead using this diet that turned the food pyramid and all my previous ideas and concepts about health upside down.

Crazy improvements in health actually brought me back STONGER than before and healed my Multiple Chemical Sensitivities. After 13 years on this diet my biological age was measured at 20 years younger than my actual age. My incredible Primal Come Back will be published in an upcoming book.

I share my journey and the tools and recipes I have learned on this blog.









Principles of the Paleo All The Way Protocol™

1--First do no harm...or If you can't see it or understand it doesn't mean it doesn't exist...or Make your home and office into a SAFE ZONE.Illnesses do not come upon us out of the blue. They are developed from small daily sins against Nature. When enough sins have...

Patrick Clark’s Bio

Mr. Clark 'brought himself back from the dead' after experiencing two decades of declining health and trying diets and modalities that failed miserably. Then he discovered a paradigm that revealed the truth that had been hiding behind current medical thinking. This...

20 Powerful Detox Tools/Techniques

What is detoxing? Different Levels: cellular, tissue, energetic... Increasing vitality/health is a constant process of replacing lesser/weaker/cells with stronger/more robust cells. Temporary fatigue and pain is a part of the process towards increasing energy and...

Inner Light Solution Recipes

Getting Started with Effective Microorganisms® (EMs®) (To order the starter culture (EM-1® Agricultural Innoculant) for brewing your own batches of Activated EM's, click on the banner above to take you to the Terra Ganix website. Also you can order the EM Gold Stone®...

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Wilderness as Home

The Tipi Experiment--part two click here for part one   There is nothing like waking up to the forest as my house, deep down close to the bossom of Mother Earth, in the quiet, still pounding of the soft heartbeat, where I can hear my own presence merging with that of...

Tipi Experiment Part Two: Embracing the Cold

The sun was rising over the frosty hillside. I forgot where I was as my eyes opened. I was outside somewhere, perhaps camping? I was so warm inside my sleeping bag, it was hard to imagine within inches were subfreezing temperatures. Instead of walls and a house, I had...


  Paleo All The Way is a results-driven, research based, cutting-edge health and wellness resource that helps you integrate PALEO into all areas of your life. The information presented here is both extensively researched and personally tested to bring powerful...

My Bones Remember

by  Patrick Clark   My bones know these waters They tumble and bubble Foam and smash Crash and bounce Sing and dance Riccoche down the mountain Over boulders, logs, moss And play with the fish and salamanders On their way, passing through The valley they carved...

Paleo Power Drink Mix

Paleo Power Drink--superfood, antioxidant rich, nutrient dense, organic and grass fed, whole food, instant Variations: Chocolate, Berry, Vanilla (plain) 1 cup powdered coconut milk (available from Wilderness Family Naturals) 1 cup Great Lakes Gelatin Powder (available...

Paleo Coaching

Paleo WELLNESS COACHING Take the Paleo Plung! Sign up for one of our programs to activate your life with guided instructions and one-on-one consulting with Paleo Nutrition and Lifestyle Expert Patrick Clark. Immediate results based on a powerful principle-based...

Indian Pemmican History and Recipe/How-to

http://paleofood.com/recipes/pemmican-pemmicanhowtomake.htm The text below is an excerpt from a larger article located at the link above. When the white men set out across North America, a reliable supply of portable provisions was one of the major problems. Lacking...