Organic Futon with Quantum Calming and Wooden Platform Bedframe (EcoSquare™)

Organic Futon with Quantum Calming and Wooden Platform Bedframe (EcoSquare™)

Eco Wool/Kapok Organic Futon

Our futon goes beyond organics by incorporating a unique combination of natural materials which optimize the body’s regenerative energy during rest and sleep. We have considered these factors:

1–Quantum Calming from harmful Electromagnetic Fields and Cell Phone Radiation, grounding the body with an Infrared Field.
2–Optimizing: circulation, breathing, temperature regulation, ventilation, and circadian rhythms

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Years of Sleep Science Research have gone into this design.

1–The Ergonomics of Sleep: Sweet Dreams on a Firm Surface

  • Helps the body realign itself during sleep
  • Increases the circulation of the body by enhancing capillary action to the extremitie
  • Makes breathing deeper during sleep for a more restful sleep. ensuring optimal oxygen. This is because a firm surface opens the chest by not sinking down.

2–Optimizing Circadian Rhythms for the Sleep of your Dreams

Outside Layer: Organic Cotton Canvas
Middle Layer: Eco Wool Felt Barrier Cloth
Inside Layer: Chemical-free Kapok Fiber