Carrots Alive Breakfast Salad

This is my go-to breakfast for a refreshing, bursting with juicy flavor way to start the day. For protein I also eat some Pemmican (see recipe below) which is a lot like bacon…or some raw meat. The fiber and chewing is great for toning the intestines and stimulating the digestive juices. This quick-and-easy meal will delight your sensitive early-morning taste buds with its rich variety of complimentary tastes, textures and colors. With a little imagination this can almost replicate pancakes by adding fruit, nuts and cream/butter on top.
The best grater is a simple triangular shaped every day hand grater you get from any kitchen supply. Use the fine mesh side for the most delicious effects.

Ingredients (For breakfast of one):

One or two large carrots
One small beet or part of a large one
Handful of fresh Parsley
Handful of fresh Mint
Salt to taste
Raw Apple Cider Vinegar to taste
Juice of fresh squeezed lemon to taste
(Optional for summer season: your choice of berries or fruit in season.)
Nuts or seeds which have been sprouted and dehydrated.
Coconut oil, butter, or cream to taste
1–Grate the carrots and beets on a cutting board and scoop onto your plate or a mixing bowl.
2–Chop the parsley and mint and toss in the bowl.
3–Add salt, vinegar, and lemon juice.
4–Mix the whole thing.
5–Toss on top chunks of your choice of butter, cream, and coconut oil.
6–Also toss on the fruit if you are using it and the seeds.
(I like to chew on a few whole leaves of mint fresh from the garden).
Ready to eat!

Basic Pemmican

There are many varieties of pemmican. You need a food dehydrator and the best kind is the Excaliber.
1–Place raw ground meat in a mixing bowl. Mix in your favorite spices like: black pepper, anise, rosemary, lavender. (This is my favorite all-round combo but it’s good to have several varieties.)
2–Spread out on the drying screen. Use a fork to gently press down as flat as you can but no more than 1/2 inch.
3–Turn on dryer at lowest temperature setting (95) and dry for about 24 hours.
You can eat it while it’s still the consistency of leather (eight hours) or wait until it turns bone dry. People have different preferences. The leather consistency to me is easier to chew but needs to be eaten right away. The dry variety is like a chip and will be preserved.