Patrick Clark enjoying a cold swim in the Cane River, North Carolina
Patrick Clark — Biological Age 32, Actual age 52 — enjoying a cold swim at his home on the Cane River, North Carolina

Hi, my name is Patrick Clark and I spent twenty years with declining health and developed auto-immune diseases which I turned around with the Primal Diet.

I practically brought myself back from the dead with a strange new paradigm and foods that were previously on the no no list.

My amazing success at recovering from Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome actually brought me to a place STRONGER than before.

I share my story and what I did to get better in my upcoming book: The Primal Transformation: How One Person Healed from Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Using an Ancestral Diet.

Some of the benefits I have personally experienced from my 14 years of Primal/Paleo

  • Sleep improved from the average 6-7 hours to 10+ hours (if I have the time)
  • Basal Metabolic Rate improved from low (93.5 F./59 bpm) to optimal (98.6 F./72 bpm).
  • Eyes turned from muddy hazel to bright baby blue. Eyesight also improved.
  • My Biological age was measured at 31 years old when I was 49 (Tha was last year.)
  • I recovered from Multiple Chemical Sensitivities after spending 10 years and various other diets and healing modalities that failed.
  • I have saved thousands of dollars in health care costs and enjoy a quality of life I had never seen the likes of. More balanced energy and focus than when I was younger.
  • I laugh at the cold. My thyroid works and my body generates heat.
  • Increased physical strength and endurance dramatically so I can maintain good energy in extreme circumstances, and enjoy sports like skateboarding and backpacking that I was too weak to do before.

Some People call me “The Primal Guide” because I not only guide Primal WIlderness Trips but I also Guide you on the Primal Path so you can:

  • Loose weight naturally by turning on the fat burning pathways.
  • Experience greater energy, clarity and productivity.
  • Recover from illness and regain your life
  • Experience deep, restorative sleep consistently
  • Have the natural urge to move your body because you have increased your energy level
  • Get the toxins out of your body (reduce your ‘toxic load’
  • Live life with more ease and enjoyment
  • Be comfortable in any weather because your body can regulate its temperature

I am so excited to have you join my thriving community, so you can thrive too or thrive more.

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